Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Version 0.905 (and previous version history).

Version 0.905 posted with some additions to Disc 13, Zish and Nixz, thank to Darksider and Strappado. I moved the original post date far into the future so I can broadcast updates this way without it messing up the formatting, and will broadcast updates in this format from now on.

Previous versions:

1/14/11 - Version 0.904 - Added thirteenth disc with Resurrection Band, Hardton, Laura Kaye Band, Mortífera, K. Jarra, Hillery Chase, Lydian, Lisa Baker, Ruby Cadilac. As this disc is obviously not full yet, consider this a beta CD for a while. Track order will probably change, more still will be eventually added, etc. Huge thanks to analog violence, Darksider, rumblefist, Keir, glockose, jnfernal, Warepire, roihlem, doomedplanet!

1/7/11 - Version 0.903 - Updated disc 3 (better rip for Sweet Jayne), disc 7 (better rips for Kamikaze and Drifter), and disc 8 (better rip for Macbeth) and various info. Many thanks to doomedplanet, Keir, Darksider and Vaggelis!

1/5/11 - Version 0.902 - Updated disc 2 (better rip for Diamond Claw, addition of Women of Iron), disc 3 (addition of Feedback), disc 4 (addition of Dunwich), disc 6 (addition of Truant), disc 9 (addition of Image), disc 11 (better rip for Force), disc 12 (better rip for Steelmaster). HUGE thanks to doomedplanet and rumblefist for the assistance here!!

1/2/11 - Version 0.901 - Updated disc 8 (Spotlight) and disc 11 (Scarlet Angel - thanks Keir!) and various info (thanks to nonseinormale65, JP and chaosnonmusica)

12/28/10 - Version 0.9, first publicly available version made available.

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