Thursday, May 26, 2011

Version 0.910

Version 0.910 - 5/26/2011 - Big update this time around! Disc 3 (Derketa) has been updated - I accidentally ripped the wrong version of this the first time around (the demo version instead of the reh) and didnt catch this until now. Whoops! All the tracks from the Ladykillers comp have been upgraded (Disc 4 - Queen of Hearts, Disc 5 - Pantara, Disc 7 - Judy Saiya, Disc 1 - High Risk, Disc 11 - Syren). Whomever ripped the LP the first time around must have accidentally EQ'd out all the low-end, so the rips sounded really trebbly and quite frankly, rather bad. I was able to locate a copy of the comp and these are much, much better sounding rips, which certainly helps in the case of the rippers like Jaded Lady and Syren. For new stuff, disc 13 has been filled out by Viktem, classic sounding US Steel, Tequila, trad metal from East Germany, and System Decay, an extremly ambitious band with heavy outsider vibes, this one is all over the map from thrash metal to doom to trad, all through a lens of German hippies with politically conscious lyrics; unique to say the least. As disc 13 is full, its on to Disc 14! Three tracks that kick this one off are Cronos Titan, fairly typical sounding Teutonic Thrash, Apyron, German trad metal, and Prinzz, who would later turn into Blitzz (I suppose they really liked the double z's), here they are playing a more traditional sound than the speed/thrash they'd do on the Blitzz record. Massive thanks to LethylSteel/Darksider for the Prinzz, Apyron and Tequila tracks and the tip on the Viktem!! Enjoy!!!!!

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