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Female Fronted Heavy Metal: 1976 - 1989

Welcome to the Female Fronted Heavy Metal Compilation, an attempt at exhaustively documenting female fronted metal bands who recorded at least one heavy metal track before 1990, with exceptions being noted below. Inspired by a similar project undertaken in the mid 00's with punk and hardcore, I decided to put together the metal equivalent earlier in the year. As this compilation attempts to document True Metal, bands whose recorded output solely leans too far towards pop/hair metal, AOR, new wave, punk, or hard rock have been excluded. In an attempt to define the boundaries of the compilations scope, a few of the bands that have been excluded for being non-metal are:

glam/hair: Vixen (the Los Angeles band), Amazon, Bang & Out, Femme Fatale
hard rock: Corbeau, Birtha, Diamond Lil, the Runaways (and Joan Jett)
new wave/AOR: Pat Benetar
punk/hardcore: Nausea, The Comes, Vermillion

However, included are bands who otherwise played non-metal such as Heart, Dead End 5 and Babel, but recorded at least one metal track during their career. Bands are not excluded due to questionable ideology, artistic integrity or financial motives, and this simply serves as a list of bands who played music that compositionally stands within the heavy metal genre, and does not attempt to place a value judgment on the bands themselves. For approximate borderline benchmarks of heaviness in regards to what should and should not be included, I used Deep Purple for 70s hard rock, Motley Crue for the sleaze/hair material, and the first Sacrilege LP for punk/hardcore. Obviously this is subjective and there is still some grey area, but I think this is quite representative of the genre in its formative years. Once this list becomes more finalized and solidified (possibly mid 2011?), I intend to publish an annotated discography zine accompanied by hard copies of the CD-rs. The digital files are below, so enjoy the music!

This is a work in progress and will be continually updated when new information comes to light. If you know of any bands that should be on here that are not, or can help out with a rip or a record sale, please leave a comment.

You are looking at version 0.922. Version history is at the bottom of the page. Let me know if any of these links do not work for whatever reason.

Disc 1:

1. Blacklace (USA) - "Call of the Wild", Unlaced LP, 1984
2. Ice Age (Swe) - "General Alert", General Alert demo, 1987
3. Crystal Pride (Swe) - "Silverhawk", Crystal Pride 7", 1982
4. Lee Aaron (Can) - "Metal Queen", Metal Queen LP, 1984
5. Sacred Few (USA) - "Beyond the Iron Walls", Beyond the Iron Walls LP, 1985
6. Zed Yago (Ger) - "Pilgrimage", Pilgrimage LP, 1988
7. Scarlet (Ita) - "Sinner", 1985 demo
8. Magenda (Jap) - "Star", Mama Kin 12", 1987
9. Lady Sabre (USA) - "Total Eclipse", Enchanted LP, 1989
10. Ground Zero (UK) - "Never Reach the Stars", 1981 demo
11. Burning Witches (USA) - "I Hate Your Guts", The Sound Of Fury demo, 1985
12. Malibu Barbi (USA) - "When the Lightning Strikes", Rude Girls 12", 1987
13. Blacksmith (USA) - "Louder than Hell", Blacksmith 12", 1986
14. Aloha (USA) - "Heavy Metal Virgin", Metal Massacre II compilation, 1982
15. High Risk (USA) - "I Know What You Want", Ladykillers compilation, 1986
16. Détente (USA) - "Holy War", Recognize No Authority LP, 1986
17. Velle Witch (Jap) - "You're Posseed by Witch", Blood Noblewoman demo, 1988


Disc 2:

1. Black Knight (Can) - "Warlord's Wrath", Master Of Disaster 12", 1985
2. Hurtful Witch (Ita) - "Lost Angel", Spectra demo, 1985
3. Masque (UK) - "The Dead of Night", The Dead Of The Night 12", 1988
4. Abaddon (Mex) - "Madame Batory", Escuadrón Metálico (Proyecto II) compilation, 1987
5. Messiah Force (Can) - "Silent Tyrant", The Last Day LP, 1987
6. Chastain (USA) - "We Shall Overcome", Mystery of Illusion LP, 1985
7. Fahrenheit (Ven) - "Un Dia Más", Fahrenheit LP, 1983
8. Leather Angel (USA) - "We Came to Kill", We Came to Kill 7", 1982
9. Lady Killer (Jap) - "Lady Killer", live 1987 [1]
10. D.C. Lacroix (USA) - "Crack of Doom", Crack of Doom LP, 1986
11. Santa (Spa) - "Reencarnación", Reencarnación LP, 1984
12. Jurassic Jade (Jap) - "Go to the Dogs", A Cradle Song 7", 1986
13. Women of Iron (USA) - “Whiskey and Wheels”, Women of Iron 7”, 198x [2]
14. Destiny (Swe) - "Yesterday's Child", 1983 demo
15. Diamond Claw (USA) - "Hail to the Queen", No Hate In Paradise 12", 1987
16. Carrie (Ger) - "The Assassin", Secrets LP, 1985
17. Monroxe (Ger) - "Let me Live", Monroxe 12", 1987
18. Black Ghost (Ita) - "Heavy Metal Angel", 1985 demo
19. Volkana (Bra) - "Descent to Hell", Thrash Flowers demo, 1989


[1] Just a guess on the date - the "GIV vol.0" VHS is from 1987, but this is from a different show

[2] Next to nothing is known about this band, including when it was released. Probably early 80s based on the sound.

Disc 3:

1. Acid (Bel) - "Ghostriders", Acid LP, 1983
2. Warbride (USA) - "Slaves of the Sword", 1988 demo
3. Holy Moses (Ger) - "Walpurgisnight", Queen of Siam LP, 1986
4. Leather (USA) - "Something in this Life", Shock Waves LP, 1989
5. Angelic Force (USA) - "The Power", 1988 demo
6. Bitch (USA) - "Damnation Alley", Damnation Alley 12", 1983
7. Sweet Jayne (Aus) - "Icarus", Icarus 7", 1981
8. Meanstreak (USA) - "Roadkill", Roadkill LP, 1988
9. Aphrodite (Swe) - "Playing with Fire", Aphrodite 12", 1986
10. Arsenal (USA, FL) - "Make No Provision", Tampa Bay's Metal Mercenaries: The Invasion compilation, 1988
11. Kim Sixx (Den) - "Bang Your Head", 1984 demo
12. Derkéta (USA) - "The Unholy Ground", 1989 rehearsal
13. Battlefield (Ger) - "Nuclear Death", We Come to Fight 12", 1987
14. Catalepsy (USA) - "Obituary Fear", Evil Within demo, 1987
15. Plasmatics (USA) - "The Damned", Coup D' Etat LP, 1982
16. Shelder (Fra) - "God of Vikings", God of Vikings LP, 1988
17. Feedback (Ger) - “Outlaw”, 1983 demo
18. Aragon (UK) - "Break It Up", Walk on Fire demo, 1987
19. Malisha (USA) - "Burning Rage", Serve Your Savage Beast LP, 1986
20. Scarlet Red (USA) - "Break The Chains", Don't Dance with Danger LP, 1989


Disc 4:

1. Witches (Fra) - "Thrashing Witches", Agressive Soap demo, 1989
2. Satanic Rites (UK) - "Slam the Door", Which Way the Wind Blows LP, 1985
3. War Machine (UK) - "On the Edge", Unknown Soldier LP, 1986
4. Metal Lady (Hun) - "Kegyetlen Hajsza", Metal Lady LP, 1990 [3]
5. Rock Goddess (UK) - "Make my Night", Rock Goddess LP, 1983
6. Chained Lace (USA) - "Black Widow", Morbid Fascination demo, 1985
7. Nuclear Death (USA) - "Shrieking Terror", Wake Me When I'm Dead demo, 1986
8. Morgana (Ita) - "Welcome in the Dark", Lady Winter LP, 1989
9. Rhiannon Tomos a'r Band (UK) - "Cer  Hi (I'r Eithaf Un)", Dwed Y Gwir LP, 1981
10. Blitzz (DDR) - "Run for your Life", unreleased LP, 1989
11. Canis Major (UK) - "Fire", Butterfly Queen LP, 1980
12. Queen of Hearts (USA) - "Sleeping with the Dead", Ladykillers compilation, 1986
13. Thunderstick (UK) - "Afraid of the Dark", Beauty And The Beasts LP, 1984
14. Oral (UK) - "Black Leather", Oral Sex 12", 1985
15. Steffanie (Jap) - "Survival in the Streets", Hideaway LP, 1985
16. Ransom (USA) - "Sin Killer", California Metal II compilation, 1988
17. Robyn Danger (USA) - "Scream Your Lungs Out", Scream Your Lungs Out demo, 1985
18. XX Век (USSR - Ukraine) - "Финал", XX Век LP, 1987
19. Dunwich (Ger) - “Stop Waiting For The Night”, 1987 demo
20. Las Brujas (Arg) - "Las Brujas Existen", Me Llaman La Loca CS, 1989
21. Revenge (Hol) - "Evil", Dutch Steel compilation, 1984


[3] Due to the great Eastern European bandname and cover, this is the only band that has no recorded material from the 1980s that I am grandfathering in.

Disc 5:

1. Original Sin (USA, NY) - "Conjuration of the Watcher", Sin Will Find You Out LP, 1986
2. Sentinel Beast (USA) - "Dogs of War", Depths of Death LP, 1986
3. Defiant (USA) - "Nightstalker", Can't Give It Up 12", 1985
4. Rosy Vista (Ger) - "Rocking Through the Night", You Better Believe It 12", 1985
5. Zzyzx & Lorah Bodie (USA) - "Lonely Little Eyes", No Substitute For Steel compilation, 1985
6. Pantara (USA) - "Torn Away", Ladykillers compilation, 1986
7. Runestaff (UK) - "The Final Run", Runestaff demo, 1982
8. Killerhawk (Swe) - "The King of Mordor", 1982 demo
9. Steelover (Bel) - "Jezebel Woman", unreleased LP, 1986
10. Stitch (Swe) - "Answer", 1985 demo
11. Thin End of the Wedge (UK) - "I'm Not Dead Yet", Lights Are On Green 7", 1981
12. Wardance (Ger) - "Friday the 13th", Crucifixion LP, 1988
13. Ultimatum (Mex) - "Merodeador", Ultimatum LP, 1986
14. Stos (Pol) - "Stos", Metalmania '87 compilation, 1988
15. Stryker (USA) - "Vengeance Will be Mine", Stryker LP, 1985
16. Hellion (USA) - "Children of the Night", Screams in the Night LP, 1987
17. Childhood's End (USA) - "You Better Run For Tomorrow", Childhood's End 12", 1984
18. Taist of Iron (USA) - "Evil", Resurrection LP, 1984
19. Plattform (DDR) - "Heavy Braut", Kleeblatt Nr. 22 - Hard & Heavy compilation, 1988


Disc 6:

1. Vixen (Jap) - "Cross Saber", 1986 demo
2. Xandril (Ger) - "Terminal Breath", Teutonic Invasion I compilation, 1987
3. The Great Kat (USA) - "Metal Messiah", Worship Me Or Die LP, 1987
4. Wench (USA) - "Cancer in Your Heart", Sumos Quad Sumos demo, 1988
5. Caress (Ger) - "Our Rights", The Return of the Beast LP, 1989
6. Женская Болезнь (USSR - Russia) - "Перестройка", Dawai Rock-n-Roll soundtrack, 1988
7. Znöwhite (USA) - "Live for the Weekend", Kick 'em When They're Down 12", 1985
8. Thrash Queen (USA)- "Manslayer", Manslayer LP, 1984
9. Sacrilege (UK) - "At Death's Door", Behind the Realms of Madness LP, 1985
10. Girlschool (UK) - "Race With the Devil", Demolition LP, 1980
11. Deathslayer (USA) - "Raven's Nest", Iron Tyrants compilation, 1984
12. Thunder (Fra) - "Fight for Success", Fight for Success 7", 1985
13. Deep Freeze (USA) - "Soft Touch", Ladykillers compilation, 1986
14. Shakin' Street (Fra) - "Vampire Rock", Vampire Rock LP, 1978
15. Vixen (USA, HI) - "Living in Sin", Made In Hawaii 12", 1983
16. Show-Ya (Jap) - "Fixer", Glamour LP, 1988
17. Warlock (Ger) - "Burning the Witches", Burning the Witches LP, 1984
18. Heather Leather (USA) - "We Came to Destroy", We Came To Destroy 7", 1985
19. Truant (USA) - “Voices”, Voices 7”, 1983
20. Y Diawled (UK) - "Noson y Blaidd", Noson y Blaidd 7", 1983


Disc 7:

1. Wiz (Swe) - "It Hurts", Heavy Metal compilation, 1982
2. 5X (Jap) - "Midnight Train", Human Target LP, 1981
3. Anashi (Swe) - "Get Wasted", One 4 All, All For 1 demo, 1988
4. Blackstar (USA) - "Don't Ever Leave Me", Chicago Metalworks Battalion compilation, 1986
5. Flammea (Bra) - "Hell is Here", Hell is Here demo, 1989
6. Front Guerrilla (Jap) - "Fight Back", Fight Back 7", 1986
7. Kamikazi (UK? [4]) - "Meet Your Maker", The Metal Collection, Volume III compilation, 1987
8. Breslau (Ger) - "Hexentanz", Volksmusik LP, 1982
9. Lawlessness (Fra) - "The Grave", On the Run LP, 1982
10. Дубль-1 (USSR - Russia) - "Ворон-викинг", Дубль-1 demo, 1986
11. Rajas (Jap) - "Gypsy Blood", Turn it Up LP, 1985
12. Lunar Sex (Ita) - "All the Kids", Lunar Sex LP, 1982
13. Drifter (Fra) - "Le Vol De L'Aigle", Le Vol de L'aigle 7", 1988
14. Terra Rosa (Jap) - "Vision of the Lake Bottom", The Endless Basis LP, 1987
15. Siege (UK) - "Goddess of Fire", Goddess of Fire 7", 1985
16. Judy Saiya (USA) - "Try Anything", Ladykillers compilation, 1986
17. Phantom Blue (USA) - "Last Shot", Phantom Blue LP, 1989
18. Bitch's Brue (UK) - "Bring out the Worst", We May Not Be American But Still We Rock LP, 1989
19. Orphan Allies (USA) - "In the Night", Running From the Law LP, 1986
20. Hari Kari (USA, CA) - "The Blade", 1982 [?] demo [5]
21. Carmilla (Jap) - "666", Gossip - '89 Brand-new Ladies Band Special VHS, 1989


[4] Unknown origin - The Corroseum states that comp was mostly UK heavy

[5] Theres a bit of confusion as to when this came out. Internet sources widely vary in date; Metal-Archives says 1989, however, the track "Prey 4 Peace" from this demo appeared on the Life is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record compilation from 1983. Other sources give a date range from 81 - 83. To further add to the confusion, most of the sources on the net have this band confused with the Hari Kari from New York who were produced by Eric Carr in the late 80s.

Disc 8:

1. Dark Ages (USA, WA) - "Gogg and Magogg", Medieval Sorcery 12", 1987
2. Mari Hamada (Jap) - "Noah", Lunatic Doll LP, 1983
3. Vanishing Point (Jap) - "Street Driver", Fantasy of Future LP, 1987
4. Doro (Ger) - "I Am What I Am", Force Majeure LP, 1989
5. Crystal Phoenix (Ita) - "Dark Shadow: The Dove And The Bat/The Last Flight", Crystal Phoenix LP, 1989
6. Macbeth (Uru) - "Utopia", Brigada Metalica compilation, 1989
7. Placenta (Bra) - "Madness in the Bus", Madness in the Bus rehearsal, 1987
8. Dead (USA) - "Comet for my Vomit", Dead 7", 1990 [6]
9. Mell Rose (Jap) - "Long Ago", Slight Difference LP, 1989
10. Дама Пик (USSR - Russia) - "The Queen of Spades", 1989 7"? [7]
11. Transaxxe (UK) - "Shattered Dreams", Metal '88 compilation LP, 1988
12. Spotlight (Ita) - "Speedway", Italian Metal, Vol. 1 compilation, 1985
13. Jaded Lady (USA) - "On the Run", Ladykillers compilation, 1986
14. Battle Axe (Jap) - "Fire", 1985 demo
15. Azuzena (Spa) - "Super Star", Liberación LP, 1989
16. Altemis (Jap) - "Night Messenger", Messenger from the Moon demo, 1986
17. Saint (USA) - "Smoke Again, Rock Again", Original Sin 12", 1982
18. Speed Queen (Fra) - "Les Maudits", Speed Queen LP, 1982
19. Rough (Ger) - "Nightmare", First Cut LP, 1988
20. Babel (Spa) - "Con el Poder de mi Latigo", Unidos por el Rock compilation, 1983


NOTE: I had to remove the Doro track because Mediafire kept flagging it for copyright. I assume everyone already knows who she is anyways. I might replace this with something else in the next couple weeks if I remember (12/19/2016).

[6] The 7" was released in 1990, but tracks on the 7" were originally taken from the "Dead" demo recorded in 1989

[7] Obviously taken from vinyl, when was this released?

Disc 9:

1. Xenolith Oger (Jap) - "Fatal Destruction", Cattle Brand demo, 1989
2. Lochness (Cze) - "Zduø péro kuø", Death Metal Session compilation, 1990 [9]
3. Airraid (Jap) - "Armed Children", Armed Children demo, 1989
4. Allies (USA) - "War Zone", 1983 demo
5. 7th Stranger (USA) - "Push Harder", Money and Promises 12", 1989
6. Lochinvar (USA) - "The Untamed Child", Omega demo, 1988
7. Olga Kormuhina (USSR - Russia) - "Всё дело в удаче", Время пришло LP, 1989
8. Poison Dollys (USA) - "Nice Boy", Rejuvenator soundtrack, 1988
9. No Excuse (UK) - "Life's A Ball", 1988 demo
10. Kidd Gloves (USA) - "Reasons", Feel the Fire 12", 1987
11. Sahara (USA) - "Wasteland", Going Crazy LP, 1992 [10]
12. Murder (USA) - "Murder", Murder 7", 1982
13. Маркиза (USSR - Russia) - "Знаю", Молитва атеиста LP, 1988
14. PMS (USA) - "On the Run", Pre-Metal Syndrome LP, 1986
15. Image (USA) - “Scarlet Demons”, Image 12”, 1986
16. Misako Honjo (Jap) - "Distraction", 13th LP, 1983
17. Virgin Rocks (Jap) - "I Can Believe Only Mind", Shut Up! 7", 1986
18. Megace (Ger) - "Masquerade", The Sign of the Ape demo, 1988
19. Acrostichon (Hol) - "Mentally Deficient", Prologue demo, 1990 [11]
20. P.U.S. (Bra) - "Military Nightmare", Third World split LP with Sextrash, 1993 [12]


[9] The compilation track was sourced from the "Strašidlo z Canterville" demo, recorded in 1989.

[10] Placeholder track until I can find the 1988 demo which contains the track "Wasteland" as well as five others

[11] Placeholder track until I can find 1989 rehearsal

[12] The 7" was originally released in 1990 with three tracks and later reissued as a split with Sextrash in 1993. "Military Nightmare" was not on the original 7", but presumably from the same session. I'm unsure on when the tracks were actually recorded, some sources say 1989, and some say 1990. The band released at least two demos in the 80s, so it would be nice to have tracks from them, but until then, this serves as a nice placeholder.

Disc 10:

1. White Honey (Hol) - "Nothing Going on in the City", Nothing Going On In The City 7", 1979
2. Shima and the Boys (Mys) - "Pedaya Cinta", Kelkatu Gugur Sayap LP, 1989
3. Lyssa (USA) - "Burnin' Hot", One Shot Five demo, 1987
4. Savage (Hol) - "Speedin' Home", 1981 demo
5. Penetrator (Fra) - "FM Extermination", First Penetration demo, 1988
6. Prepúcio (Bra) - unknown track, rehearsal, 198x [13]
7. Horoskopas (USSR - Lithuania) - "As Noriu", live 198x [14]
8. The Lead (USA) - "Skate or Die", Burn this Record LP, 1989
9. Valkylie (Jap) - "Shouting to the Hell", Lamia Shock! demo, 1986
10. Virgin Killer (Jap) - "Moving On", live in Osaka, December 1986
11. Sacred Child (USA) - "Chariots of Fire", Sacred Child LP, 1987
12. Beast (Ger) - "Lord of Thunder", 1981 demo
13. Jade (Can) - "Strike Back", Teasing Eyes LP, 1983
14. Olga Rozhnova (USSR - Russia) - "Записная книжка", Опасная игра LP, 1987
15. Rare Breed (USA) - "Twisted Words", Rare Breed 12", 1987
16. Megumi Hayakawa (Jap) - "Wanna Be Free", Hot Lady LP, 1985
17. Bellzlleb (Jap) - "Uragiri", Heavy Metal Force IV compilation, 1987
18. Kimmo Kuusniemi Band (Fin) - "Metallinen Sateenkaari", Moottorilinnut LP, 1982


[13] What is the name of this track? When was this recorded? Is this even Prepúcio?

[14] When is this from? The song "Išvarymas iš Rojaus/Adomai būki žmogumi" is supposedly a metal ripper, I need to hear that as the rest of the LP from 1988 was very hard rock. I'm assuming this was a bonus track on a CD reissue of that? and is possibly from before?

Disc 11:

1. 45 Grave (USA) - "Party Time", School's Out 12", 1984
2. Santa Lucia (Fin) - "Ruusutarha", Arktista Hysteriaa LP, 1990 [15]
3. Alpheratz (Fra) - "Le Fils de Satan", 1981 demo
4. Marge Litch (Jap) - "Into the Night", live 1989
5. Valkyrie (Jap) - "Void of Heat", 1989 demo
6. Atransia (Jap) - "Bang Your Head", live on Japanese TV, 198x [16]
7. Жмакова и гр.Раунд (USSR - Russia) - "Единой воли нет", Live on Рок-панораме-87, December 11, 1987
8. Leathur Panteez (USA) - "Guttered", 1985 demo
9. Slak Alice (USA) - "Blow Out!", She's Bad demo, 1989
10. Furia (Fra) - "Lady Killer", Lady Killer 7", 1983
11. Alkaloid (Jap) - "Sanctuary", Invisible World demo, 1986
12. Lucrecia (USA) - "The Hunter", Lucrecia LP, 1988 [17]
13. Scarlet Angel (USA) - "Scarlet Angel", 97 Underground: The Beast From The East... Vol. 1 compilation, 1987
14. Crisis (USA) - "Call of the Wild", KNAC Presents: Son of Pure Rock compilation, 1988
15. Eve (Kor) - "히말라야", Eve LP, 1988
16. Syren (USA) - "Fight or Fall", Ladykillers compilation, 1986
17. Force (USA) - "The Beast", Force 12", 1981
18. Dead End 5 (Fin) - "Liekinheitin", Dead Ends LP, 1976
19. Lamia (USSR - Kazakhstan) - "Время летучих мышей", demo 1993 [18]


[15] Placeholder until I can find the Ruusutarha 7".

[16] Recorded "Wake Up Your Mind" demo in 1987, and was on "Heavy Metal Force - Summer Special Vol. 1" comp tape, 1988. They stuck around at least as long as 1990, another version of "Bang Your Head" with a different singer was broadcast on TV.

[17] Center labels have copyright of 1984 - I assume the music was recorded then and the LP released in 1988.

[18] Placeholder until I find one of the 80s recordings (if any exist?).

Disc 12:

1. Ripper (USA) - "Night Cruizer", ...And The Dead Shall Rise LP, 1986
2. Trop Feross (Can) - "Trop Fort", Resürrection 12", 1986
3. Flying Vision (Jap) - "Time Stop", All Night Metal Party, 84-85 compilation LP, 1985
4. Barnabas (USA) - "Breathless Wonderment", Feel the Fire LP, 1984
5. Mortífera (Bra) - "Eternal Return", 1989 rehearsal
6. Pink Sapphire (Jap) - "Over the Days", live 1989
7. Girl Tique (Jap) - "SO.U.U.TSU", 1987 demo
8. War (Spa) - "Sin Acción", 1989 demo
9. Spit Out (Aut) - "Feel the Power", When the Day Has Gone 7", 1986
10. Jezebelle (UK) - "Leave me Alone", Heavy Metal Heroes Vol. 3 compilation, 1990 [19]
11. Hecate (Jap) - "Show Me Way, My Baby", Gossip - '89 Brand-new Ladies Band Special VHS, 1989
12. Heart (US) - "Barracuda", Little Queen LP, 1977 * removed for copyright
13. Jet Maybe (Jap) - "Aphrodite", 1984 demo
14. Malteze (US) - "Blessed are the Strong", Count Your Blessings LP, 1990 [20]
15. Steelmaster (USA) - "Closer To Me", KNAC Presents: Pure Rock compilation, 1987
16. Starless (Jap) - "Dazzling Desire", Silver Wings LP, 1985
17. Sudden Impact (USA) - "Poisoned Minds", KNAC Presents: Son of Pure Rock compilation, 1988
18. The Datura (Jap) - "Game of Every Day", One Night Dream LP, 1985


[19] Possibly the same version from the LP? Placeholder until I find track from their 89 demo.

[20] Placeholder for now - two prior releases. ”We Came 2 Rock” 12", 1987. $70 - 150 range on Popsike. "Raise your Voices" b/w "Rain" 7", 1989 - appears even rarer. "Rain" appears on the "Count Your Blessings" LP, but is a kind of lame power ballad, so it was excluded in favor of a more metal sounding song. "We Came 2 Rock" is supposedly AOR, is the track "Raise Your Voices" metal at all?

Disc 13:

1. Сузорье (USSR - Belarus) - "Во все времена", Сентябрьская река LP, 1988
2. Resurrection Band (USA) - "Awaiting Your Reply", Awaiting Your Reply LP, 1978
3. Hardton (Rom) - "Drumul Vietii", Formatii Rock Vol. 7 compilation, 1984
4. Laura Kaye Band (USA) - "Goin' Crazy", Goin' Crazy 7", 198x
5. Mortífera (Por) - "Integrity", live 1989
6. K. Jarra (USA) - "Falling", Falling 7", 1986
7. Hillery Chase (USA) - "Rock It", 1988? demo
8. Lydian (USA) - "Sky Is On Fire", Sky Is On Fire 7", 1985
9. Lisa Baker (USA) - "Fool of Lies", Every Girl Has a Fantasy 7", 1985
10. Ruby Cadilac (USA) - "Mastermind", 10 Seconds to Hell CD, 1988
11. Zish (USA) - "Hecate", Original Sin LP, 1987
12. Nixz (Swe) - "Lady of the Night", 1984 demo
13. Wodan (Fra) - "Restes Avec Moi", Wodan 7", 1986
14. Púrpura (Arg) - "Luz de Mediodía", Púrpura I LP, 1982
15. DC Strut (USA) - "Blvd East", DC Strut LP, 1989
16. Silent Strike [21] (Ger) - "Searching for Cover", Just Time to Rock demo, 1989
17. Viktem (USA) - "The VIK-TeM", The Queen Lives On demo, 1986
18. Tequila (DDR) - "Manchmal", 1987 radio broadcast
19. System Decay (Ger) - "A Lie", Decay and Descent demo, 1989


[21] The band originally recorded and released this under the name "Squealer" but shortly afterwards changed their name to "Silent Strike" and distributed copies of the demo with the new cover and name. Squealer recorded an LP in 1984 (I have no information on this other than the fact that it exists) and with the addition of Charlotte Nordlander/Marion Fynke (also in Cronos Titan briefly - see Disc 14) changed their name in 1990. As the tape I pulled this from bears the name Silent Strike and the name is probably more representative of this period in the band's history, I decided to use that name for the purpose of this compilation.

Disc 14:

1. Cronos Titan (Ger) - "Caught in a Web", Final Effort demo, 1989
2. Apyron (Ger) - "Borderline", 1989 demo
3. Prinzz (DDR) - "Mich Trebt die Gier", 1988 studio track
4. Ender (Ger) - "H", H demo, 1989
5. Revenge (USA) - "Rock-n-Roll Star", Freedom of Choice LP, 1987
6. Sapient (USA) - "Live or Die", 1988 demo
7. Lady Luck (USA) - "I'm the Fool", 1988 demo
8. Metall (DDR) - "Heiße Sprüche", 1987 studio track [22]
9. Black Death (Nor) - "How the Last Day Was", Lek I Fullt Alvor compilation LP, 1984
10. McCoy (UK) - "Freemind", Live on Extra Celestial Transmission, 1985
11. Inner Rage (USA) - "Metal Overload", Metal Overload flexi, 1986
12. Powerage (DDR) - "The Wonder of the Night", 1989 demo
13. Na Und (DDR) - "Rock and Go", live 1985
14. Desira (USA) - "Saga to Kong", Gorilla 7", 1976
15. Chambers (USA) - "Night of the Warrior", 1988 demo
16. Rosanna's Raiders (Aus) - "Serve Someone", Calling Down Fire LP, 1987
17. Mighty Queen (Thai) - "รักแผดเผา", ไมตี้ควีน CS, 1989
18. Albion (USA) - "Wings of Fortune", Wings of Fortune 7"", 1980

[22] Possibly 1986


Disc 15:

1. Sleek (UK) - "British Bikes", 1982 demo
2. Black Magic (Can) - "Crossfire", Spellbound 12", 1983
3. Beauty and the Beast (Gre) - "Wild City", Greece Attacks compilation 2xLP, 1989
4. Cain (Spa) - "Sangre", Un Paso Mas en el Camino LP, 1991 [23]
5. Kaos (Can) - "Undercover", Total Kaos 12", 1985
6. Вояж (USSR - Russia) - "The Tiger", 1989 session
7. Damsel (USA) - "Chasing the Sun", 1988 demo
8. Ferat (Cze) - "Orion", Tak vstávej demo, 1987
9. Skeleton Crew (Jap) - "Motorway B", live 198x [24]
10. Rave (Ger) - "Xylra/Light My Fire", New Time of Pride LP, 1986
11. Missdemeanor (USA) - "Victim", 1987 demo
12. Nancy Hale (USA) - "The End", Chemical Bond compilation LP, 1983
13. Layout (Swe) - "Fight Back", Fight Back 7", 1987
14. Rose (Jap) - "Get it Down", Rose 12", 1988
15. Babajaga (Aut) - "I Have Lost My Laugh", Heavy and Metal compilation CD, 1988 [25]
16. Sorcery (USA) - "Rainbow Eyes", Rocktober Blood soundtrack, 1984
17. Ready to Wear (Can) - "Guardian Angel", Ready to Wear LP, 1981
18. Exit (Hol) - "Freedom Fighter", 1989 demo
19. Serious Chaos (UK) - "The Innocent", Full Force, Volume II, compilation LP, 1988
20. Original Sin (US) - "Penalty of Love", Penalty of Love 7", 1982

[23] Placeholder track until I can find the "La Voz de Sangre" 7" from 1989 (if it even exists?)

[24] No clue when this was from, anyone know?

[25] Also appears on the Ready to Rock compilation LP from 1986 - presumably when these tracks were recorded. The H+M compilation this was ripped from was released in 1988.


Still need info/tracks for:

A.B. Spitfire (Ger) - 1986 demo
Annihilation (USA) - 1985 demo
Artemis (Jap) - fragment of a video of a song "No Way Out" on youtube - does the full version exist? did they record anything else? Possibly the same band as Rose? (see Disc 15)
Black List (Jap) - Going to Crazy Night/Burning 12". Value uncertain - not on Popsike.
Black Mass (Nor) - 1986 rehearsal, contains Celtic Frost cover and track "Born On The Dark Side"
Cova/Havoc (Bra) - Changed their name to Havoc to avoid confusion from the Cova who appeared on the Headthrashers Live compilation. Released at least one demo in the 1980s
Crying Steel (Ita) - 1989 demo
Darth Vader (Ger) - Victims of Steel demo, 1987
Elixir (UK) - 1983 demo, same band that would release "Son of Odin" LP a couple years later with a different singer
EVO (Spa) - Metal archives lists Carmen García doing vocals from 1981-1982, and it appears the only thing recorded during this period was the demo (1982)
Godsend (USA) - 1985 demo, has tracks "Lord Metal", "Armed, Aimed and Ready", and "Reach for your Guns", mentioned in Kick Ass #31Heaviside (Ita) - 1987 demo
Hari Kari (USA-NY) - two 12"s, in 1988 and 1989? Seem to have very similar tracklistings, different pressings of the same record? Produced by Eric Carr of KISS, information on this band is surprisingly hard to come by for a KISS related project...
Helicon (USA) - Suzanne Hearts (Deathslayer) band. Was anything recorded?
High Altitude (UK) - "Mountain" 7", 1986. Possibly hard rock.
Jackal (UK) - 1988 demo
Jailbait (Ita) - 1986 demo
Limelight (Nor) - Post-Black Death Lone Form band. Recorded a demo sometime (1985?). Is it metal?
Lipstick (Ita) - 1984 demo
Livin' Corpses (Ger) - First Touch demo, 1985
Mask (USA) - another Suzanne Hearts band. had a demo sometime
Metaldust (USA) - do any recordings exist?
Miss Lead (Nor) - mentioned in Slayer Mag issue #2 as being the Norsk equivalent of Lee Aaron. Did they record anything?
Nebula (USA) - s/t on Metalworks - on US Metalworks? mentioned on bloodsisters
Neutron Rain (Swe) - "Death from the Sky" demo - was it ever recorded?
The Rain (US) - "Channel" LP, 1988
Scymitar (USA) - Message of Love demo, 1984. Also a live album, 198x. Later became Arsenal.
Shee (Swe) - Amnesia 7", 1985. Value uncertain - not on CF/Popsike.
Torrent (Bel) - Berit Beyens is credited with "female vocals". The "Beyond the Waves" demo does not have female vocals, do the others?. Sent a message to the Myspace.
Tradore (Swe) - Beyond the Shadows demo, 1987. Sent a message to the drummer's Myspace, no response.
Valkyrie (US) - "Keepin' It All To Yourself" b/w "Warrior's Reward" 7", 1985. Possibly prog rock?
Vixen (Swe) - 3 track 1985 demo. Is it female fronted?
Witch's Kiss (Jap) - Linda appears only on "Band Clinic" live recording from 1981. Guy's page is here: http://www5.ocn.ne.jp/~danger/index.html

Need better rips for:

Atransia (Jap)
DC Strut
Inner Rage
Lady Killer
Las Brujas
Leathur Panteez
Marge Litch
Misako Honjo
Mortífera (Bra)
Mortífera (Por)
Original Sin - penalty
Pink Sapphire
Skeleton Crew
Virgin Killer (Jap)

Need tracks of earlier recordings to replace the placeholders from:

Acrostichon - 1989 rehearsal
Jezebelle - 1989 demo
Malteze - We Came 2 Rock 12", Raise your Voices 7"
P.U.S. - any of the demos
Sahara - 1988 demo
Santa Lucia - Ruusutarha 7" (or any of the other 7"s)

This compilation would not be possible without the aid from the following people and resources:

The Corroseum mainsite and forum (users rumblefist, LaGouille, Sgt. Kuntz, jnfernal, Keir, nonseinormale65, doomedplanet, glockose, jnfernal, Warepire, roihlem), Adam Narkiewicz for help with art and design, Strappado Metal Blog, Metalrus, Bloodsisters, Metal-Archives, Area Death Productions, pksayonara, JP, analog violence, chaosnonmusica, Metaladies, Dieder Bruel (Alpheratz), Isten's Guide to 20th Century Finnish Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Metal Maidens, Italian Metal Encyclopedia, Holland Heavy Metal, Era Rock Kapak, Anthony Saunders, Kara (for helping me 'prooflisten' among many other things), many, many other anonymous rippers and people who have otherwise contributed various tidbits of information used in this project, and finally the musicians who have crafted these great songs. Thank you!


  1. nice list! surprised that you got Corbeau :-D
    missing: the Headpins, Turn it Loud (1982) http://www.headpins.net/discography.html

  2. Headpins were a bit too hard rock for inclusion, but i do like their music! I appreciate the suggestion

  3. I don't listen to a whole lot of metal, but this is a great project. Where does that amazing cover art come from?

  4. its Vasilisa by Ivan Bilibin

  5. These comps are so, so great and valuable. Can't thank you enough.

  6. Great compilation! Thanks for putting this together! I love female fronted metal! I actually work with an all female fronted metal festival in the US - http://www.flightofthewalkyries.com - so I'll have to go through and add the bands from here that are still active to our list of potential bands. I'm sure there are some great ones on here that I wasn't aware of and can't wait to give all these songs a listen.

    It looks like many of these bands are probably now defunct, although there are several I see that I know are still in existence and/or putting out new material. I'm curious, did you get permission from each of these bands (at least the ones that are still active) to share their material in these compilations?

    The only band that I can think of that you don't already have listed here that would probably meet your criteria is White Skull - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Skull

    Lana Lane would be another that I would suggest, but she would probably fall more into the AOR category. Although some of her early material is pretty heavy, most of her stuff that could be classified as "metal" was not produced until the late 90s or 2000s. Still, she has an amazing voice! - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lana_Lane

    I'd love to know when you put out the zine with hard copies! Again, thanks for sharing and making more people aware of how long women have been kicking ass in the metal scene! \m/

  7. No, I didn't get permission. Considering 95+% of this stuff is out of print, and I am not making a profit off of it, I think this squarely falls under 'fair use'. If there are any serious objections by the artists I may reconsider, but tracking down the tracks for all of these bands was work enough, nevermind tracking down the artists themselves.

    Thanks for the suggestions - did White Skull record anything in the 80s? Metal-archives suggests their first demo was from 1991. I also see Lana Lane's discography starting in the 90s from that link you sent me.

    Realistically the zine probably wont be coming until the end of the year. I need to coordinate more on artwork and as the tracks are slowing coming in, its likely disc 13 (and possibly a 14th or 15th?) will probably not take final form until well into the year.

    Thanks for the interest in the project! I'm not sure which bands are active aside from a couple reunited big ones.

  8. Do you realize this post may be the best blogspot post in the entire blogosphere? You must be proud. You did an amazing job, thank you!

  9. GREAT COMPILATION!!! I heard about this blog on the Roots of Heavy Metal segment on Liquid Metal Sirius radio station last week. Since then, I cant stop listening to it. One band that is not necessarily metal, but has some metal influence from back then is Vice Squad with Beki Bondage. Although mostly punk, a lot of their stuff sounds similar to some of the stuff I've heard on the tracks you have given here and I have not come across them yet. Just a thought... GREAT JOB though!!

  10. Now I see there is a female fronted punk blog... still, GREAT JOB.

  11. Thanks! Yeah, Vice Squad were cool, I have one of their 7"s. Good footage of them in UK/DK too.

  12. Excellent resource. Thank you for putting in the work.

  13. Hi Nate! I'm web manager for Tom Tom Magazine, the magazine about female drummers, and I find this blog inspiring! I have a serious soft spot for metal but I'm not well versed in it. I did a post once on Girl School and I'm always on the lookout for other, classic metal groups with female drummers. I attempted to go through this and pick out some but it's so expansive!!

    Would you be interested in writing for the magazine/website, or at least giving me some direction on which of these bands have female drummers?? I would love to have you work with us so please, emailweb@tomtommag.com or comment here if you're interested! I can tell you more and answer any questions.

    Also visit the site....www.tomtommag.com

    Thanks for putting this together!

  14. K. Castro,

    Thank you for your interest! Most of the bands here have just a female singer with a male backing band. In quickly browsing the tracklist, here are the all-female bands, which would thus have a female drummer. I may have missed one or two but:

    Diamond Claw
    Girl Tique
    Heather Leather
    Ice Age
    Jaded Lady
    Jet Maybe
    Lady Killer
    Las Brujas
    Leather Angel
    Leathur Panteez
    Malibu Barbi
    Mell Rose
    Mortífera (Bra)
    Mortífera (Por)
    Oral (possibly fradulent)
    Pink Sapphire
    Poison Dollys
    Rock Goddess
    Rosy Vista
    Santa Lucia
    Thrash Queen
    Velle Witch
    Xenolith Oger
    Женская Болезнь

    I'm sure bands that are not female fronted but have a female drummer exist, but I cannot think of any off of the top of my head.

  15. I'm amazed to find an omission here. ;)

    But but it's an amazing job regardless. :)

  16. Oh wait, timeframe! Sorry! :)

  17. K. Castro,
    I can reccomend you a few bands:

    Agatha (http://www.myspace.com/agathatrio)
    Vlasta Popić (http://www.myspace.com/vlastapopic)
    Campus Sterminii (http://www.myspace.com/campussterminii)
    Beyond Pink (http://www.myspace.com/beyondpink)
    Repetitor (http://www.myspace.com/repetitor)
    Dandelion Children (http://www.myspace.com/dandelionchildren)
    Children of Technology (http://www.myspace.com/childrenoftechnology)

    I also run a blog with just all-female bands, so there you have many bands with a female drummer: http://grrrlishh.blogspot.com/

    Best regards

  18. I remember the Canadian female singer, Phe Cullen, from China Rogue in the 1970/80's. Great voice and they did have a couple of good guitarists too for a glam band. She is still rocking out today if my googling didn't deceive me.
    They have a pretty good website: www.chinarogue.co.uk and some tunes, or tunes coming I think it said.

  19. Thanks, I'll have to look into them!

  20. Great Job ! There was a Greek band with female singer called Beauty and the Beast. had one track in Greece Attacks Compilation. And Black Virgin from U.S. had male singer but a female drummer.

  21. Awesome, thank you! That track is great and I'll have to include it on my next revision.

  22. Greetings!

    I'm currently downloading your archives, so i haven't listened to them yet, however i've taken a look to the song list.

    Is there a reason why Arch Enemy weren't included? They seem to me quite a good example of female fronted metal :)

  23. The first Arch Enemy album with Angela was from 2001, which while widely popular, was while after the genre had been established. As this compilation aims to more document womens' contributions to the genre during its classic and formative period, it only covers material up to 1989, with a few noted exceptions. Maybe a few years down the road I'll do a followup that covers the 1990-1995 period (imo the end of the formative era with the extreme metal canon being fleshed out), but attempting to do beyond 1996 would be way too big of a project for me to tackle.

    Thanks for the interest though, I hope you enjoy these tracks!

  24. Wow! This is making me so excited. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  25. What a great thing to do! Your music choice and knowledge are amazing. I was searching Google for Lady Killer and Xenolith Oger and ended up here. Very cool to use Vanishing Point as well, Rei Mizuki is an excellent vocalist though the production on the album was a little low.

    I'm really interested where that Lady Killer track is from! I have a live show from 1988.10.21 but nothing from 1987.

    Have you ever encountered anything by Skeleton Crew?

    1. Thanks! The Lady Killer track is from this show:


      As noted, its just a guess on the date. If its from 1988 I'll change it.

      I haven't encountered anything by Skeleton Crew, what is their deal?

  26. (logged in with a different name back then, sorry)

    Cool! Maybe worth a shot asking avalavax for that video. I love them!

    And Skeleton Crew is also in the vein of Lady Killer. The singer is really familiar in sound.. maybe from Airraid? (Well, I can't tell anyone apart honestly): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp-pYwXWMEY

    1. Or maybe it's the same singer as Lady Killer even..

    2. Wow, this is awesome! Do you have any more information on this band other than what is presented in that clip?

    3. No info at all.. maybe we should ask the uploader

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. Hi there, I previously posted a comment under the name of Polly Noir. I created a new blog and decided to make an article about your compilations so check it out http://odvievonvegas.blogspot.com/2012/03/female-fronted-loud-music.html ;)

  29. woow thank you! this is a realy cool project! i was thinking about "cycle sluts from hell" today and wondered if there were any other cool female metal bands from the 80-is out there, i googled it and this came up.

  30. Brother, great job on this one! There are a few songs from 80's female-fronted bands that I would like to share with you, if you can facilitate me your e-mail. Thanks!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I have the Layout (Swe) 7" if you still need it, you can get in touch with me at: strappado@live.se (or find it at the forum)

  32. Awesome!!!!!!!! thank you!

  33. Good Job.. Thank You...
    my band with Female Vocal Too..
    we from Malaysia...

    Check my Band at Here

  34. This list is much deeper than I would have expected. I hate to focus on the most obvious names, but I don't understand why you would exclude Lita Ford but include Heart. "Out for Blood" should be included on this list. I can understand passing over the Runaways, but Ford's solo career cannot be dismissed as non-metal.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for the interest!

      I initially was not going to include Heart, but one night when I was (more than a) few beers in, I was listening to "Barracuda" and thought to myself "this is way more metal than Poison Dollys or whatever other borderline hair/aor stuff I've been slogging through lately...", so I decided to include it. Its probably their most (only?) metal track and really borderline at best, but there it is.

      Regarding Lita Ford, I'm not really too familiar with her solo career aside from the radio hits - I figured the rest of her discography was similar. I'll have to give a deeper listen to some of the early LPs, including "Out for Blood" and reevaluate my decision.

      Hope you find a lot here to enjoy!


  35. Very nice job, friend! Congratulations!
    But some links (disc 5, 7 & 8) already broken...
    Can you fix it?

    1. Thanks!

      Due to the recent Hurricane Sandy affecting my area, I'm still without internet at my home. I will reupload discs 5, 7 and 8 when everything is back to normal.

  36. Hi Nate,

    Hope you're doing well since Sandy. Amazing blog and great work my friend. Just a quick think - many of the links from 5 onward are displaying a 'Permission Denied' message. Is there anyway you can fix it by hosting it elsewhere?

    Take care and happy new year 2013.

    1. Disks #3, 5-8, 11 and 13 are not downloaded. References void!

    2. Sorry all, I've been busy with stuff. I'll promise to have an update this weekend.

  37. Hi. Good Job! Sorry for my english i never learn hiim in school
    If you wanna better STOS song you can use LP "STOS" from 1990. Track form this album been recorded in 1986 and 1989. Metalmania 87 is not compilation but spilt LP

  38. Fantastic job you've done collecting all these. Thanks.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. This is amazing, thank you for putting in the work and sharing. I should mention that links for disc 8 didn't work.

  41. Could you re-upload the disc 11 please?

  42. Ripped and uploaded Shee (Swe) - Amnesia 7" here: http://www.4shared.com/rar/wA05nn9fce/sh-am85.html

  43. I've been looking for Original Sin's "Penalty Of Love/Already Gone" single and the version of "Penalty Of Love" on your Disc 15 compilation has the best quality I've heard. You don't have "Already Gone" do you?

  44. Does anyone know who the band is that's playing at 31:16 in this documentary?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adtdYlyzFr4
    Really bugging me as I'd like to track it down

  45. Thanks for uploading these compilations! Carmen Maki & Blues Creation will be great to add

  46. Hi. Thank you for the compilation. It is amazing. By the way, link from disc 7 is already broken. Would you re-upload it?

  47. Disc 7 and 15 has Deadlinks

  48. 7-8-11 & 12 are dead links, please reup and follow up in here so i know :) Cheers and thanks, this is a solid effort, awesome!

  49. It looks as if 6, 7 & 12 are dead now. If any of them were zip files, they can be scanned for copyright violations. RAR files are safer.

  50. I have them all, but I too lazy to upload 'em. Sorry, slow connection... just 30kBps.It takes like an hour in uploading 100 Mb :/

  51. Can you reupload #7 please, use mega instead of sendspace

  52. hello mate, thank you for this spectacular compilation. maybe you could re-up nr. 7? mega.co and yadix are hosters I would recommend.


  53. Where can I get this now???

  54. Thank you so much for this amazing compilation! Now only missing Discs 7 & 8. If you still have or if anyone else sees this, e-mail djfuciu@gmail.com. Thanks!

  55. Great compilations, but just one detail: Babel from Spain had a male vocalist. Narciso Tenorio, the vocalist of Jupiter.

  56. Hi, i have a work of Las Brujas with very good sound; if you are interesed contact me to sergiopatres12@gmail.com.
    Also another female bands, and thanks for share.

  57. /storage/emulated/0/Download/disc 5.rar
    Write error in file /storage/emulated/0/Music/disc 5/16 - Hellion - Children of the Night.mp3

    /storage/emulated/0/Download/disc 6.rar
    Write error in file /storage/emulated/0/Music/disc 6/01 - Vixen - Cross Saber.mp3
    • Try again

    /storage/emulated/0/Download/disc 8.rar
    Write error in file /storage/emulated/0/Music/disc 8/01 - Dark Ages - Gogg And Magogg.mp3
    • Try again

    /storage/emulated/0/Download/disc 9.rar
    Write error in file /storage/emulated/0/Music/disc 9/01 - Xenolith Oger - Fatal Destruction.mp3
    • Try again

    Write error in file /storage/emulated/0/Music/disc 7/01 - Wiz - It Hurts.mp3
    • Try again

    Also, disc 12 is having issues because of Barracuda. If you are still keeping up with this, I would LOVE to catch the rest of this...

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  60. Thank you for adding Gorilla by Desira to you list.
    Big Hugs!